Ability: Beginner - Expert
Bottom Concaves: Single ~ Double ~ Vee
Rails: Full round rails
Ideal Wave Size: 1-8ft 


#LA_REMADORA HP it features a pulled in nose with the wide point brought back, and a narrower, pulled in tail block. This outline enables to a surf even more like a normal board- a very playful board that’s easy to paddle and ride yet still allows more radical and quick turns. It’s easy on the eyes, sleek and re ned under the arm, and its smooth foiled lines deceptively hide its significant volume – with built-in speed to spare. Stand on the tail of this thing and simply go to town, up and down, round and round, like you have a motor in small surf. The tail, with its foiled rails and deep vee, holds in and gives confidence at high speeds. The overall at rocker, generous width, and deep central concave generate small wave squirt like you would expect from it.